Bill Johnson

Pastor Bill Johnson is the senior pastor of Bethel Church, in California. A fifth-generation pastor, he carries a rich heritage in the Holy Spirit. He is the author of “When Heaven Invades Earth” and “The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind”.

He teaches that we owe the world an encounter with God, and that a Gospel without power is not the gospel that Jesus preached. Pastor Bill and the Bethel Church family carry this message beyond their church meetings into the marketplace where people are regularly healed from cancer, broken bones, learning disorders and emotional scars.

Ian Green

Ian Green is the founder and Executive Director of Next Level International, an innovative mission organization who since the fall of communism has been involved in Europe serving the national church through evangelism, leadership training and church planting endeavors.

Ian is involved in establishing Apostolic Centers, Wealth Creation for the Kingdom, training in Government, Business and Education to transform cultures. Ian has a strong prophetic gifting imparting faith and vision from God’s Word in a vibrant and enthusiastic manner.
Donn Thomas

From childhood, Donn has had a deep love and calling to lead people into the presence of God through worship. He calls himself a ‘musicianary’ who ministers to listeners’ hearts with prophetic truth through music. Donn has written such familiar worship songs as “A Shield About Me” and “Anointing Fall on Me.” He also led worship at the Promise Keepers rally in Washington, D.C., which gathered 1.7 million men from around the nation.

Donn is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary with a Master of Arts in Theology. His preaching and worship-leading has carried him to many countries of the world; but in all of this, Donn is simply grateful.